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 Ferret Clothes for Fun and Fashion

Ferret clothes can make taking your pet out of the house even more fun. With those flexible long bodies and adorable faces, ferrets can make anyone smile, especially when they are all dressed up. Major pet supply retailers and many online specialty shops offer fashions of all sorts for your ferret.

Marshall, a U.S. company which makes ferret food as well as breeds most of the ferrets sold in American pet stores, produces a wide range of ferret clothes, from sweaters to tuxedo shirts. For the better-dressed ferret, check eBay or try an online search to find a wider range of hats, dresses and costumes produced by smaller boutiques.

Casual Numbers

Casual ferret clothes include such great items as tie-dyed T-shirts and bandanas. To protect your pet during the winter, pick up a cute plaid coat, soft fleece jacket or comfortable knit sweater. If your ferret is a rebel, he’ll be the coolest pet on the block in a black faux-leather jacket. For a costume party, consider a tuxedo shirt and tie paired with a “Phantom of the Opera” satin-lined cape. Hats are a great accessory, and it may be easier to persuade your ferret to wear a hat than to wear full-body clothes. Hats available on the market range from cowboy hats to berets to baseball caps and more, in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Female Ferret Fashions

There are plenty of options for that special female ferret, too. Imagine your gorgeous little albino girl decked out in a green dress with matching belled collar. Or, how about a pink summer frock for your dark sable princess to wear to the neighbor’s garden party? Complete her ensemble with a lovely lace hat, and she’ll draw attention wherever she goes. Holiday ferret clothes are fun and easy to find, including Halloween costumes, patriotic wear for that July barbecue, and Santa Claus outfits.

Tips For Keeping The Clothing Intact

If you want your ferret to wear clothes without trying to chew or tear its way out of them, it’s a good idea to start dressing your pet when it is young so it gets used to being clothed. Unless your ferret is unusually large or overweight, most ferret clothes should fit. Still, it’s always a good idea to try the clothes on your pet to be sure. Don’t make it wear anything that seems too snug or really bothers it. Watch out for little buttons or other décor that could be chewed off and swallowed. Then dress your pet up and watch heads turn as you and your fashionable ferret walk by!

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